From perfect planning, execution and flawless experience, Sapphire is an ideal host carrying with it the legacy of hospitality, food and ambience of the best stature.

meetings & events at Sapphire

The aesthetically pleasing set up of the Banquet – ‘Carnival’ is the perfect setting for all events. The unparallel design of the Banquet and Conference Room is combined with impeccable service and methodical efficiency. The Banquet is devised with a green room to emulsify the anchorage of every event with the perfect assistance required. From understanding details and catering to all your needs, Sapphire will ensure the flight of event and work towards making it a memorable and successful experience of fun and frolic for all family, personal and business gatherings.

With the personal touch from the management to the staff, stay assured that all events shall turn into beautiful memories at Sapphire. The Banquet hall can be orchestrated for individual or group events with the major highlight being the aesthetic chandeliers that add the perfect magic and the fully equipped conference room is suitable for organizing official programs. Sapphire thrives with the belief that ‘each meet is unique’ and engages to live by it through enrichment. Its strategic location coupled with spear head innovation and technology reaffirms the right choice made for all your private and corporate needs.