Sapphire’s Dining

Sapphire’s Dining Legacy is an extract from Food Consultant, Maharashtra’s favourite culinary expert, world record setter and our managing director.

The ingenious abstraction and design of the food menu has been the endowment of our managing director’s globetrotting travels. Tantalising flavours of cuisines from across domains like Indian, Continental, Thai, Burmese, Asian and Local foods are the highlight of the carte.

Food Flavours – Cuisines

  • Indian
  • Continental
  • Thai
  • Burmese
  • Asian
From an array of vivid recipes catering to all personages, Sapphire offers two variants to experience an extraordinary appetizing journey –

Sapphire Pinnacle

Pinnacle – Featuring an assortment of delicacies from around the Globe and the various states of India, Pinnacle is a global cuisine restaurant being the most exemplar of its class in the region. The culinary maestros would work their magic to create an all-day dining affair to enchant your appetite. Reflecting the spirit of comestible progressiveness, Pinnacle will charm you with unmatched exoticness with every bite

The dining experience has varied versions – Candle light, Cabana seating, Family dining area and bench seating. The diversity of the perfect ambience with the ideal cuisine to satiate every taste bud is combined with the view of the magnificent city on one side and the majestic Sahyadri Mountains on two other sides. Alongside the prime feature being multi-cuisine, the Restaurant at Sapphire has to offer the first of its kind selfie point and water point with advanced modified kitchen and international artefacts, each with a remarkable distinction.

Sapphire Blue Moon

Blue Moon – Quintessential melange of aura, tranquillity and leisure, Blue Moon offers an ‘under the stars’ encounter with great food, music and relaxation. Set combining the backdrop with the reflections of the moon – The Blue Moon Lounge is a solitary space and the crux of spending quality time with your loved ones. From customized menus to decorous table settings spread across with special services offered, The Blue Moon is the nexus of it all.

The Lounge propounds a cavernous space under the canopy of the moon and stars with a massive bar offering a bevy of innovative cocktails and mocktails with a rooftop experience that makes you feel on top of the world. The ceiling of cascading advanced lighting and the glass view of the enchanting town answer to a starry night sky and is the perfect setting to dive in with eclectic music and live DJ.